terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2015

Bambuzal em Bertioga

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  1. So did these make a soft clicking sound in the breeze? This was the thing that caught my attention the first time I stood near a stand of bamboo like this. Suddenly I understood all the literary references!

    1. Hi Sheila, thanks for your words.
      My father cultivated this bamboo bush.
      He likes bamboo very much because it grow very quickly and it
      is so Japanese.
      And yes, we can hear this sound in the breeze, it is very soothing.
      Thanks again!

  2. I had heard how quickly bamboo grows but maybe because I'd only seen it used as a motif on fabric and papers, I didn't realize how tall it could grow until I saw some in person - in Florida actually. Your father's bamboo is awesome!