domingo, 7 de junho de 2015

Contação de histórias na Biblioteca do SESI / Storytelling at SESI Library

Olá, queridos leitores!
Registro aqui uma das contações de histórias que fiz na biblioteca escolar do SESI, aproveitando as minhas férias.
Confesso que estava insegura porque há muito tempo não contava histórias, mas até eu me surpreendi positivamente.

Hello dear readers!
I share here one of my storytelling sessions in a school library, making very good use of my vacation time.
I confess that I was insecure because I havent't told stories for some time but I surprised myself positively.

Eu gosto de contar histórias usando recursos até como uma ajuda mnemônica da sequência das histórias.
O globo foi usado para se falar da imigração japonesa no Brasil, a chaleira foi usada no conto A chaleira texugo, a tigela, o hashi e o martelo foram usados no conto Issum Boshi e a lã, as laranjas, o guarda-chuva e a bolsinha no conto O senhor palha da sorte. Todos contos tradicionais japoneses extraídos do livro As histórias favoritas das crianças japonesas, v.1

I like to tell stories using material resources as a mnemonic help.
The globe was used to tell about the Japanese Immigration (I am a nikkey, right?).
The tea kettle was used in a tale called the The badger tea kettle.
The bowl, the hashi and the hammer were used in Issum Boshi tale.
The wool, oranges, umbrella and the purse were used in Mr. Lucky Straw tale.

All of the tales were based on the book Japanese children's favorite tales, v.1, Brazillian version.

Esta é a bibliotecária Roseli, que me convidou para contar histórias.
Sou muito grata a ela pela experiência,

This is Roseli, the librarian who invited me to do the storytelling.
I am very grateful to her for this experience.

3 comentários:

  1. Now see? You DO know a little about preparing statements and oral presentations. ;-) Artist statements really are just telling a story, the artwork being our visual "prop" and the nerves setting in if we haven't done it for awhile. This must have been extra fun with that young audience.

    1. Dear Sheila, thanks for commenting...
      Your inputs always cheer me up.
      Thanks for enlighten me about storytelling as artist statements, I confess that I didn't make the connection earlier.
      And yes, with children is marvelous tell stories because they are so expressive and I could interact with them.
      Storytelling is a tiring experience, I was so exausted after it, but it is always marvelous.
      Thanks again!

    2. I too find almost any presentation in front of a group, regardless of age, to be tiring but usually exhilarating as well! Perhaps I have already told you of my experience as an assistant to an elementary school librarian. She developed a medical problem that meant she could not use her voice for weeks. So she sent me to read to the children during story hour. I'd never done anything like that before and was so surprised at how absorbed they became in the story and would shout out an answer if the story posed a question. What I first dreaded because of my inexperience, I soon looked forward to and really found to be a lot of fun.