quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2015

Minha primeira colcha de retalhos concluída! / My first quilt ever concluded!

As três partes do acolchoado: a parte de cima (decorada), a manta acrílica e o tecido de forro)

Olá, queridos leitores!
Aqui registro a conclusão de uma colcha de retalhos que comecei há alguns anos e que só terminei este no, durante minha primeira temporada de férias.

Hello dear readers!
Here i get registered the conclusion of my first quilt, that were started some years ago and only now it was concluded. Some things we are able only on vacation time!

Minha mãe, sem a qual não teria conseguido terminar o acolchoado.
My mother: without her help i nwoldn't be able to finish the quilt.
Blocos catavento
Pinwheel blocks
E blocos Nine patch
And nine patch blocks
Ensacamos o quilt
E arrematamos 

O acolchoado pronto sobre meu pai
The concluded  quilt on my father
Semeie o amor
Sow the love

2 comentários:

  1. What a beautiful first quilt! My first ever quilt was made for my father too and the blocks were a nine patch variation. Mine however was made of scraps left over from making clothes although I did buy fabric for the border and backing. I think I used an old mattress pad for the filling and held the layers together with yarn ties. Oh, the memories! You did such a nice job and your father looks happy under it. Your mother is so beautiful. You are lucky to have her help on this project. Well done!

  2. Dear Sheila, thanks for your kind words, they are very important to me, it always cheer me up.
    I have a heirloom quilt made by my great grandma (grandmother of my mother) that is a repurposing of scraps of old clothes. It is very simple but it has a great value for me. I guess that is funny because in other times patchwork were a recicling craft. Now quilting is expensive: we use new fabrics (100% cotton) and we want to be artistic and have good times making the quilts.
    Well, you are right, I am very blessed for my parents being so healthy and sane. And with me.
    Thanks a lot!