domingo, 1 de maio de 2016

Oficina de encadernação copta no espaço do Acervo Braille na Biblioteca Monteiro Lobato / Workshop of Coptic bookbinding inside Monteiro Lobato Library

Olá, queridos leitores!
Compartilho que esta oficina aconteceu na última 6a.feira do mês de abril (dia 29),  nas dependências do Acervo Braille, na biblioteca em que trabalho, a Monteiro Lobato, no centro de Guarulhos.
Fiquei feliz porque consegui corrigir algumas deficiências da última oficina. É bom perceber melhoras na didática, de uma oficina para outra.
Por exemplo: em vez de dizer: insira a agulha no ponto do último fascículo, agora digo, insira a agulha no ponto do fascículo vizinho. Outro insight foi a sequência de costura da última capa: última capa, último fascículo, vizinho. Melhoras...

Hello dear readers!
I share with you my last Coptic bookbinding class that happened in April 29th (last Friday of the month), in the Braille Space inside Monteiro Lobato Library, where I work, in Guarulhos downtown.
I am happy because I could correct some mistakes I made in my another workshop. It is good to notice that I improved  my way of teaching.
For example: in the workshop I taught in Good Friday, I said: Insert the needle in the last signature stitch, now I say: insert the needle in the stitch of the neighbor signature.
Another insight I had was the sequence of the binding of the last cover: last cover, last signature, neighbor signature. 

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  1. Hi Lucia, it looks like everyone had fun and learned a lot in your workshop! Thanks for visiting my blog - yes, some of the photos are from Mexico. --Leah

    1. Hi Leah thanks a lot for writing!
      Do you know? You inspire me so much, it is always a pleasure seeing your arts and how you keep with them.
      Most of all, it is me that learn (or keep learning) in my workshops.
      Thanks again!!

  2. My you have been busy! When preparing to teach a class, there is so much to think about, to include. The only way you really know if you've got it right is in the actual teaching of the class. Then the little mistakes you could not see before become known and can be corrected. I still haven't tried that stitch yet!

    1. Hi Sheila, thanks for writing and please pardon me for delaying my answer.
      I love teaching bookbinding, it is a privilege doing at my workplace as one of my, well, not duties but volunteering action. I learn so much giving these classes!!
      I am very happy because people in my city can learn these ancient tecniques without going to the capital or paying any valor for them(like i did).
      I think teacher and students get very enriched in the end.
      Thanks again!!