Minha oficina de encadernação Longstitch no acervo Braille na Biblioteca Monteiro Lobato em 13 de maio de 2016 / My workshop of Longstitch bookbinding in Biblioteca Monteiro Libary in May 13th 2016

Olá, queridos leitores!
Registro aqui a realização de mais uma oficina de encadernação artesanal na Biblioteca Monteiro Lobato, desta vez vimos uma das muitas versões da encadernação Longstitch. 

Hello dear readers!
I get registered one more bookbinding workshop inside Monteiro Lobato Library, this time we see one of the several versions of Longstitch binding.

Para fazer as capas reciclamos páginas de um velho atlas.
In order to make the cover we used pages of an old atlas.

Alunos muito interessados!
Very focused students!

Para esta aula usei como referencial teórico e prático o livro de Keith Smith  Non-adhesieve binding, v.1: books without paste or glue. A idéia da capa dupla com lombada tripla é deste livro.
For this class I used as reference Keith Smith's Non-adhesive binding, v.1: books without paste or glue, whose concept of double cover with triple spine was used.

Capa dupla com lombada tripla e 3 fascículos
Double cover with triple spine and 3 signatures


  1. So clever to recycle the old atlases into covers for your books! What a happy and proud group. :-)

    1. Hi Sheila, thanks for writing!
      I got this atlas idea from PrairiePeasant, a Canadian crafter (it is true that she makes coptic blankbooks using old maps as cover but I loved them and took them as inspiration).
      What makes me happy is that some people have returned and got a new student too.
      And I loved to make the double cover with triple spine, from Keith Smith's book. I also learn to much in preparing and implementing these workshops!
      Thanks again!!


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