Mais caquis... em aquarela / More persimmons... in watercolor

Olá, queridos leitores!
Este estojo é um Van Gogh com 24 cores. Um sonho de consumo que tenho acalentado por mais de um ano. Aproveitando o meu aniversário, resolvi me dar um de presente.

Hello dear readers!
This is a tin set of Van Gogh watercolor with 24 colors. It is a art student grade. I coveted one for more than a year. Making very good use of my birthday, I bought it without any shame.

Bela paleta, entretanto, eu senti falta do verde oliva, presente no estojo da Sakura Koi (meu primeiro estojo de aquarela).
Beautiful palette although I missed olive green, existent in the set of Sakura Koi (my first watercolor set).

Minha primeira tentativa com a aquarela Van Gogh: caquis!! Eu usei marcador permanente BIC no contorno.
My first trying with the Van Gogh watercolor: persimmons! BIC permanent marker was used too.


  1. A tiny bit envious of all those watercolor colors - what a fabulous way to spend some birthday money. Looks like you are making a good start on using them.

    1. Hi Sheila, thanks for writing!
      I am very happy because I decided to buy it as a birthday gift (this and the box of Ahmad flavoured black tea|). Usually birthdays for me were a angsty business, but not this year. Thanks God.
      Do you know... If the Lord Almight allows me, I am going to send to exposition this year a sumi-e painting about... persimmons!!

    2. Oh good for you! It is always good to get your work out there and get feedback on it. I believe that you progress and get better faster when you do.

      The tea sounds yummy!


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