Os papéis marmorizados vão decorar cadernos or The marbled paper will decorate blank books

Olá, caros leitores!!
Neste próximo sábado, na igreja em que congrego, teremos nossa reunião anual de mulheres e prometi que faria alguns livros em branco para sortear no final do evento. 
Resolvi utilizar as folhas de papel marmorizado como capas, afinal elas são coloridas e graciosas. Já fiz as capas e até 6a.feira juntarei o miolo (farei uma encadernação copta).
Aguardem para ver o resultado final!!

Hello dear readers!
In the next Saturday, in the church I belong, we are going to have our annual women's meeting and I promised that I would make some blank books to sort in the final of this event. I decided to use some sheets of marbled paper as covers, after all, they are colorful and lovely. I have already made the covers and until Friday I am going to join the signatures (I am going to do coptic bookbinding).
Soon you are going to see the result!


  1. How generous of you to do this. What a lucky group of women who will be the recipients. The marbled covers are lovely.

  2. Hi Sheila, thanks for stopping here!
    You always encourage me, I am very grateful.
    Well, when I made the covers I was mortified because when I finished there are air bubbles in them! When I make fabric-covered covers I never have this problem. Well, as the meeting is in the Saturday, I thought to myself: stop to be a perfectionist control freak and do your best. Think Wabi sabi way and all is going to be well.
    Thanks again!!


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