sexta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2013

Mais papel marmorizado / More marbled paper

Olá, caros leitores!
Continuo a aprender a fazer papel marmorizado, agora com mais cores.
A foto abaixo mostra o meu "ateliê de marmorização", que fica na lavanderia de casa, bem pertinho do tanque de lavar roupa!
Uso tinta acrílica, que é solúvel em água.

Hello dear readers!
I keep learning how to make marbled paper, now with more colors.
The picture below shows my "marbling workshop", which is in the laundry room in my home, near the water tank.
I use acrylic paint that is water soluble.

As folhas marmorizadas (90 g/m2) secam no varal da lavanderia. Uma coisa que gosto na marmorização de papeis é que o processo é bem simples (pelo menos até agora) e tem ótimos resultados, como podemos conferir abaixo:
The marbled sheets of paper (90g/m2) dry in the clothes line in the laundry room. One thing I like in marbling paper is that the process is very easy (at least until now) and it has the best results, like we can check below:

2 comentários:

  1. Nice job!!!! They look lovely, such delicate colors. -Leah

  2. Hi Lea! Such honor having you here! You know, I was strongly inspired in your marbling work. One day, I want to make marbling paper with vibrant colors lilke yours. I bought some blisters (blisters?) of oil paint last week, soon I am going to test them.
    Thanks a lot for your commentary!
    Great week!