quarta-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2018


Olá, queridos leitores!
Espero que todos estejam aproveitando este mês de janeiro.
De minha parte, estou treinando o uso de guaches, que são primos das aquarelas. Para tanto, estou usando um velho livro que está sendo reproposto para ser um caderno de esboços. 
Hello dear readers!
I hope all of you were making very good use of this January.
Well, now I am training painting using gouaches, that are a kind of cousins of watercolors, only more opaque. For this venture I am using and old book that is being repurposed as a sketchbook of sorts.

Além do livro reproposto, comecei um sketchbook da Canson e estou treinando lettering e citações bíblicas.
Um grande mês de janeiro!!

Besides the repurposed book, I started a sketchbook from Canson and I am training lettering and Biblical quotations. 
A very happy January!!

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  1. I've not tried guache yet, barely know what I'm doing with regular watercolors! These colors are very striking, and I'm happy to see that you, a librarian, are not flinching at using an old book for a sketchbook. ;-) I resisted the idea of altered books and using books as sketchbooks for the longest time but have been won over to the idea thanks to some very persuasive arguments. I've brought quite a stack home from the library, ones that haven't sold at the monthly book sale and are on their way to the trash if no one takes advantage of the free offer to give them a home. But I haven't worked with any of them yet and some I might even read first! Maybe this is the year I work with them.

    1. Hi Sheila, thanks for writing!
      Do you know, being a librarian I learnt that there is a time to add books to collection and there is a time to descart them for the sake of the same collection. This book I am using as my canvas in order to test my habilities with gouache is a very old one and unfortunately the possibilitie of being read was zero. It was a very long time in our exchange books section so I hadn't had qualms in exchange it for another book and bringing it home in order to be repurposed. I liked the result. Gouache is like a cousin to watercolor, the difference is being opague as watercolor is transparent.Yes, read your books first and repurpose them later! Thanks again!

    2. Thinking about... you know, watercolor paper is very expensive and the kind of watercolor/gouache training I do is based on sumi-e strokes that don't soak the paper, so I can use the pages of this book, which has nice paper, thicker than more recent books.
      Thanks again!

  2. Yes, the argument that won me over was the friend making altered books telling me of watching a bookseller dump some books into the trash bin and another bookseller telling her that, with the exception of classics or rare books, many books just end up being pulped for paper for new purposes. So better to save a book with that destiny by using it for art!

  3. I have a book that tells how to choose the best old book for using as a base for altered books or an art journal, etc. One of the things it points out is the difference in paper between books printed before and after a certain date, can't quite remember the year - maybe the 1960's? Anyway, once I had that in my head, I immediately noticed the thick richness of the pages in these older books and why they would work better than the newer books. Since so much of what we do IS practice and supplies CAN be expensive, it makes sense to use a free source like this.

    1. Yes, it is true, the book I have been using is from 30's or 40's from XIX Century. Thanks for writing!