sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2016

Aula de Sumiê: reforçando os caquis e as papoulas / Sumi-e class: reinforcing persimmons and poppies

Olá, queridos leitores!
Registro aqui mais uma aula de Sumiê com a professora Suely Shiba, na Associação Cultural Tottori.
Nesta aula reforço os meus conhecimentos de caquis e papoulas.

Hello dear readers!
I get registered here my last class of Sumi-e with Teacher Suely Shiba, in Tottori Kenjinkai.
In this class I reinforce my knowledge of how to paint persimmons and poppies.

O cãozinho Pipo gosta das papoulas! 
Pipo the puppy loves poppies!!

2 comentários:

  1. What a beautiful setting for you to look at when not focused on your painting. I like those poppies too!

  2. Dear Sheila, thanks for writing!
    Yeah, I love the Japanese Garden I always go there to greet the fish in the pond and the birds at the persimmon tree. It is very soothing. And I got a great respect for poppies after I submitted to a surgery and I needed too much opiaces in my post-surgery week. Well I liked the flowers too, I love them because they are so red and beautiful.
    Thanks again!!