terça-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2013

Flamboyant em Bom Clima 1

Bom dia, caros leitores!
Aqui em Guarulhos está esquentando muito, à medida em que nos aproximamos do verão.
Quero compartilhar com vocês fotos de belos flamboyants, que alegram nosso final de ano com suas flores escarlate.

Hello dear readers!
Here in Guarulhos city is getting too hot as we approach Summer.
I want to share with you pictures of beautiful flamboyants that cheer our Season time up with their scarlet flowers.




3 comentários:

  1. These are really lovely and I love the way it all is reflected in the building windows.

  2. Oh wait! I just to a closer look and that's not a building, it's a fence! Still - a very nice backdrop.

    1. Hi Sheila!
      Thanks so much for your comment!
      For me flamboyant trees are one of the best things in Summer as I don't like too much hot days. When I read all these postings about the Season in United States and Europe countries with all that snow I like them so much but I must show how it is here in my country: too much sun, bright days and beautiful and colorful tress around.
      Great week!!