18o. Festival do Japão - Estivemos lá!

Olá, queridos leitores!
Registro aqui nossa presença (minha e da mamãe) no 18o. Festival do Japão.
Fomos do domingo (dia 26 de julho) no último dia. Estava um dia muito bonito.

Hi dear readers!
I got registered here our presence (mine and my mother's) in the 18th Festival do Japão.
We went on Sunday (July 26th), the last day, that was very sunny.

Este tsuru pintadio simboliza os 120 anos de amizade entre o Brasil e o Japão.
This painted tsuru is the symbol of the 120 year of friendship between Brazil and Japan.

Havia várias atrações no Festival, mas basicamente fomos para ver a exposição de sumi-ê dos alunos da professsora Suely Shiba.
There were many activities and shows in the Festival but we went basically to see the exposition of sumi-e painting from teacher Suely Shiba's students.

Dentre os quais constava o meu singelo quadrinho, do galho de sakura com os passarinhos.
Among these, there is mine, portraiting a branch of sakura with birds.

Professora Suely Shiba, eu e a mamãe.
Teacher Suely Shiba, me and my mother.


Etegami é uma arte que eu quero aprender no futuro.
Etegami is an art that i want to learn in the future.

E é claro que não poderíamos deixar de visitar, ainda que rapidamente o stand do origami!
And, of course, we couldn't help visit the origami stand!


  1. This looks like a lot of fun. And how wonderful to have one of your paintings exhibited there. When you showed it earlier, I did not realize it was one you had done yourself. Very lovely and what an honor to have it shown there.

    1. Hi Sheila thanks for writing!
      As a pupil of teacher Suely Shiba I could see for myself how she prepares this exhibition in advance in the last class in June. It is wonderful to see all the paintings in the Festival (my mother went there only to see them) and it is better to join the preparations earlier.
      One thing that I like to be Japanese descendant is to make part of a colective project like Japan Festival because I know that many people in all cultural associations in Sao Paulo state made a so great effort to make it happen.
      Thanks again!

  2. Ola Lucia! Good to know that you'll do some etegami ... You've done a lovely sumi-e ... Thank you for sharing this! ♡

    1. Hi Petit Nuage!
      Thanks for writing!
      I like sumi-e very much but sometimes I miss colors... I think etegami supply this lack of colors of sumi-e. So I think I am going to learn both...
      Thanks again!


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